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The Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Sustainable Salmon Initiative (AYK SSI) is pleased to release its 2016 Invitation to Submit Research Proposals<http://www.aykssi.org/2016invitation-to-submit-research-proposals/>.
Under the 2016 Invitation up to $1.9M is available for funding of research projects addressing the region's declined Chinook salmon populations.  Funding for this Invitation is provided to the AYK SSI Program through NOAA's Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund and NOAA federal fisheries disaster funds administered by the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission.

The 2016 Invitation<http://www.aykssi.org/2016invitation-to-submit-research-proposals/> includes three components, which can be downloaded from our <http://www.aykssi.org/> website<http://www.aykssi.org/>:

1.      2016 Research Priorities lists five priority "Research Themes" focusing on Chinook salmon as the species of special concern.  These research priorities, which were approved by the AYK SSI Steering Committee, are drawn from two sources:

*        AYK SSI Chinook Salmon Research Action Plan

*        AYK SSI Research and Restoration Plan

2.      Submission Instructions & Proposal Format provides instructions, formatting requirements and the proposal template required for submission as well as information about our on-line proposal submission system.

3.      2016 AYK SSI Budget Forms includes instructions and required budget forms which must be uploaded to our online proposal submission system along with your completed proposal narrative.
An important goal of our program is to build the capacity of local and regional entities to participate in fisheries research. As described in the submission instructions, projects should include appropriate partners and contribute, to the maximum degree possible, to the capacities of agencies, local communities, and residents of the region to participate in fishery research.

Please feel free to contact our staff with questions regarding the 2016 Invitation:

*             For questions regarding addressing program priorities, linkages to previously funded works, project collaboration and capacity building, please contact the AYK SSI Research Coordinator: Dr. Joseph Spaeder jjspaeder at earthlink.net<mailto:jjspaeder at earthlink.net>  (907) 299-8635<tel:%28907%29%20299-8635>.

*             For questions regarding the Excel budget form, formatting or submission issues, please contact the AYK SSI Program Manager: Katie Williams katie.williams at bsfaak.org<mailto:katie.williams at bsfaak.org>  (907) 279-6519 ext. 2<tel:%28907%29%20279-6519%20ext.%202> (toll free 888-927-2732<tel:888-927-2732>).

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